The Buddhist Discipline in Relation to Bhikkhunis: Questions and Answers - Phra Payutto and Dr. Martin Seeger

The question of bhikkhuni ordination should be studied clearly by applying two principles: first, one should gain as clear an understanding of the formal monastic discipline--the Vinaya--as possible; second, one should establish a mind of loving - kindness and compassion towards the women who wish to be ordaines. This consideration, however, should not be done in an errant fashion. It needs to be performed collectively--the entire monastic sangha should participate in this discussion. In this way the sangha will be endowed with knowledge and kindness.

Translated from ตอบ ดร.มาร์ติน: พุทธวินัยถึงภิกษุณี
by Robin Moore
CopyrightWat Nyanavesakavan
First publishingMay 2559
Latest publishing onPublishing no. 1 May 2556
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