The Pali Canon: What a Buddhist Must Know

...It is rather surprising and disheartening that people nowadays do not seem to understand what the Pali Canon is, why it should be preserved and protected, why it should be employed as the standards or criteria for judging what constitutes the Dhamma and Vinaya, or in other words what constitutes the Buddha’s teachings.  Without such basic understanding, some might go so far as to assume wrongly that the Buddha’s teachings can be just anything anyone likes...

Translated from พระไตรปิฎก: สิ่งที่ชาวพุทธต้องรู้
ศ.ดร.สมศีล ฌานวังศะ (Prof. Dr. Somseen Chanawangsa)
First publishing 2545
Latest publishing onPublishing no. 6 2547
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Dewey no.BQ1173.T5


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